Repeat prescriptions

As vets, we are strictly regulated for the dispensing of medicines for animals and we are required to examine the animal every 6 months for those on long-term medication before further medication can be dispensed.

All the drugs under the POMV label are those that are monitored closely and require check-ups at least twice a year, this may be more frequent depending on the individual pet and problem. Monitoring them also helps to ensure that no side effects are occurring, the medication is still working and the dose is correct by monitoring the patients weight.

Written prescriptions are available from this practice for all POM’V drugs and can be obtained from a pharmacy or a different Veterinary Surgery. Please note that the monitoring every 6 months still applies when you request a written prescription. The cost for a written prescription is currently £13.73 per item required.

For repeat prescriptions, please fill out the form below and PLEASE NOTE that we require 48hrs notice for repeat prescriptions to be processed and dispensed.

Repeat prescription form

Where would you like to collect your medication?