Travelling to the EU

Following Brexit, the rules for pet travel to Europe and Northern Ireland have changed. Passports previously issued in GB are not valid for entry to EU countries, however, they can be used as proof previous vaccination so please do not destroy them. 

A list of requirements that must be met: 

  •  Your pet must be microchipped. 

  • Your pet must be at least 12 weeks old. 

  •  Your pet must be vaccinated against rabies. 

  •  After primary vaccination, you must wait 21 days before travel. The day of vaccination is classed as day 0. 

  • If your dog is travelling to a country which is tapeworm free, they must be treated for tapeworm 24-120hrs prior to landing. 

  • Your pet must have an Animal Health Certificate (AHC) issued by your vet no more than 10 days prior to travel.

Animal Health Certificate (AHC)

An AHC is an official government document authorising your pet’s travel. They can only be issued by an Official Veterinarian (OV). They are available in dual language (English and the language of the EU member state to which you are travelling).

AHCs can be issued for up to ten days prior to date of travel, they are then valid for 4 months of onward travel within the EU and for re-entry to GB. A new AHC will need to be issued if it has expired, this could mean multiple certificates if you wish to travel multiple times a year.

The price of an initial Animal Health Certificate is £241.36. ( this fee includes a rabies vaccine, if this vaccine is not required, the price reduces to £201.24)

Rabies Blood Tests 

There is currently no requirement for blood tests to be performed for travel to an EU member state.

Countries where tapeworm treatment is required 

If you are travelling from GB to Northern Ireland, Ireland, Malta, Finland or Norway, your pet must be treated against tapeworm no less than 24hrs and no more than 120hrs prior to landing.


Whilst our vets are available to help discuss and issue AHCs for your pet, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure your pet meets the requirements for travel. Always allow plenty of time for an AHC to be issued (if your pet needs to be vaccinated against rabies at least 6 weeks is required) to minimise delay and disappointment.

The Animal Health Certificate is a large, 10-page document that will take considerable time to complete. We partially complete the paperwork  in advance of your appointment. Therefore we do ask for payment to be made before the final appointment.

Please see the PDF's below for further information and a questionnaire which will need to be downloaded, completed and emailed back to us  at least 7 days prior to your appointment.  

Further information

Although it is not necessary to travel, we would strongly  advise your pet is protected against the following which can cause fatal disease

  • Ticks - which can transmit multiple diseases including Babesia, Erlichiosis and Hepatozoonosis

  • Sandflies - which can transmit Leishmaniasis is an infectious disease that is found on the Mediterranean coastal area of Southern Europe

  • Mosquitoes - which can transmit Heartworm, which  is common in Southern Europe

For further information on pet travel, please visit  or speak to one of our vets.

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