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What is Acupuncture?

 Acupuncture is the ancient art of placing needles in the skin and superficial muscles, to alleviate pain and increase the animal’s resistance to disease. Acupuncture is over 2000 years old and was developed by the Chinese.  It has been used by Vets and Doctors in the western world for the last 30 years and is becoming increasingly accepted and integrated into conventional veterinary practice. It is particularly useful in chronic disease states, these can include

Arthritis,        Back pain,       Chronic gastrointestinal disease,      Chronic skin conditions,      Epilepsy,    Stress related conditions,   

Respiratory disease    .....and many more conditions not listed,

It can be used either to compliment conventional treatments, or when conventional medicine fails.

How is acupuncture performed and how many treatments are necessary?

 photo Snowflake-Clip-Art-3-1.gifThe needles used are very fine, pre-sterilized stainless steel and are left in place for approximately 5-20 minutes.  It is recommended to have at least 4-6 treatments and these are given weekly initially, with gradually increasing intervals until the maximum desired effect is achieved.  The frequency of treatments depends on the individual animals needs but regular top-ups will be required to maintain the therapeutic effect.

Will my animal respond?

Animals on the whole accept needling very well, and in fact may become relaxed.  An initial consultation with Jo our vet is necessary to decide if your pet is an appropriate candidate for the technique.  Some animals may require mild sedation for the procedure and can be admitted as a day patient into the clinic in these cases.

Acupuncture in animals, may only be performed by a Vet with a thorough knowledge of Veterinary anatomy and physiology.  It is worth noting that many insurance companies will cover acupuncture treatment costs, so please check your insurance policy.

If you would like to see if your pet is suitable for acupuncture make an appointment with Jo and she will happily discuss the options.

 Molly’s Story


Molly was presented to us by The Kit Wilson Trust on the 11th November; she had been losing weight, out of general condition and showed sensitivity over her lumbar spine, she was prescribed a course of anti-inflammatories but showed little improvement.  It was decided to give her a course of acupuncture.  She came in weekly for 4 occasions and she has greatly improved.  Her coat looks a lot better and she has less tension in her muscles over her spine.

Another great success was Arthur!

"My chocolate labrador Arthur, aged 4 was recently diagnosed with arthritis in both of his rear hocks. Being a little reluctant to start him off on anti inflammatories considering his age, and he has epilepsy too, Jo suggested that we try acupuncture.
I was up for that and Arthur has now completed number 3 of an initial 4 part course.
I have to be completely ...
honest and say that I am blown away by the immediate change in him. He has always cried and whined even when settled, asleep at my feet. After the 1st session the crying stopped! I can now differentiate the crying for attention as opposed to obvious discomfort that he must have been in. After session 2 he was far more spritely on his walks. I combine this with fortnightly hydrotherapy and he is a much happier dog. After number 4 Jo suggests maintenance acupuncture to keep on top of things.
All I need to do is now is get a couple of kilos off him, which as I'm sure all Labrador owners will concur is easier said than done. He is extremely naughty and manages to source his own tucker at every opportunity he gets. We love him though and will do all we can to keep him happy and healthy."

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