Have You Got a Podgy Pooch or Tubby Tabby?

Did you know that more than 35% of our cats and dogs are obese in the UK? And that more than one third of our pets are actually overweight.

What causes obesity?

Some diseases can lead to obesity in animals, however generally the main cause is diet. If your pet is inactive and their food is full with carbohydrates and/or fats , obesity inevitably occurs. Some pets are more predisposed to developing obesity than others. Other factors that can have an influence on obesity include breeds of dog or cat, their age, neuter status, their gender, and their owner..

Obesity carries along risks for your pet's life as well. Medical conditions that are considered as the most severe and appear due to the obesity are diabetes mellitus, orthopaedic disease (including arthritis) heart disease, respiratory distress, high blood pressure, skin diseases, and cancers. All of these conditions are very severe and may lead to fatal results.


There are things that you can do in order to prevent your pet from becoming obese, starting with a health check from your vet or vet nurse.

Start by feeling your pet's waist, seeing if his ribs are at all visable underneath the fat and hair, is there a tucked up belly when you are observing him from the side. If the answer is no then you should take him to your vets and they will recommend what the best method for weight loss in your pet is. It is important to take good care of your pets, not letting them develop obesity, and providing them with healthy diet so that they could be with you as much as possible, and bring joy in your life with their presence. When we took them, we made a commitment to take care of them and love them.


The 'Weigh - In Club' is a clinic run by Maria our Practice Manager and our Advanced Pet Health Counsellor. She holds free of charge clinics during the day on a 2-4 week basis.

If you would like to arrange an appointment with one of our Registered Veterinary Nurses or would like some advise then please contact the surgery on 01435 812152.


Nurse clinics we are currently running

All the Registered Veterinary Nurses at Downwood Veterinary Centre run regular clinics for the below:


  • Free of charge Dental Clinics,
  • Administration of wormers and application of flea preperations,
  • Clip claws,
  • Microchipping,
  • Post operative checks,
  • Nutrition clinics,
  • Suture removals,
  • Dressing changes,
  • Well Pet Clinics.


Clinics we plan to offer in the future

We are always planning to widen the varitiy of nurse clinics avaliable at Downwood Veterinary Centre, and hope that in time the nurses will offer the following clinics:

  • Puppy/ Kitten clinics,
  • Puppy parties,
  • Adolescent clinics,
  • Geriatric clinics,
  • Anal gland emptying,
  • Diabetes monitoring,
  • 2nd Vaccination clinics,
  • Behaviour clinics
  • And many more.