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Coronavirus ( COVID-19)

We are finally allowed to offer all routine appointments - Please read our latest update below

Please see our latest update on Covid below ( 26.03.2021)

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Update COVID-19 28.04.2020

We have lifted some restrictions due the lockdown being extended but are still following the COVID-19 guidance by our governing and professional bodies, The BVA and RCVS. We are now carrying out some essential vaccinations and some neutering’s where it is essential for animal health and welfare, for example for population control.

 We will still continue to ensure we provide the best service we can to focus on urgent and emergency cases as we still have reduced staffing levels, whilst also prioritizing public health and safety of our staff and clients here at Downwood.

 As from this week we can provide:

  • primary vaccination course to puppies, or just the 2nd vaccination if the breeder has had the 1st vaccination done prior to rehoming.
  • Primary vaccinations can be given to kittens in a multi cat household or in a high-risk environment.
  • First year boosters can be given to dogs and cats.
  • Regular boosters for adult dogs and cats can be delayed safely for 3 months, if your pet is already nearly over 3 months overdue, please contact the surgery.
  • Rabbit vaccines RHD and myxomatosis can be given due to seasonal disease risk.
  • If you feel your pet falls in the category of essential neutering, please make a request via email to Jo and Claire who will decide on a case by case basis. Requests to be sent to


Again, thank you so much for your continued support
UPDATE 22 March 2020:
Due to the escalating situation of COVID-19, we have decided to start implementing remote consultations at a reduced price of £25.00. This charge will need settling before the consult with a credit card over the phone.
If your animal needs an appointment, please phone the surgery as normal. You will be given a phone consultation time when either Jo or Claire and they will phone / face time / whats app video messaging or via ZOOM which is our preferred option.
Either download the zoom app on your phone or computer or go to the zoom website at                                                                                    Just before your appointment time we will phone you with a meeting ID code.
At your appointment time please click on the join meeting button at the top of the screen or on the tab at the top of the web page and enter the meeting id number we have given you.
· The vet will see you in the meeting room for your telemedicine consult. Please be sure to enable video and audio on your device to ensure we can see and hear you.
· After the consultation medications can be collected  from our porch at an agreed time, once paid for over the phone.
· If we require to see your pet at the practice then your consult will be converted to a normal consultation price and the £20 will go towards this cost. 
If your pet needs to be fully examined by the Vet, then a consent form will be emailed over to you. This will need to be printed if possible and brought in with your pet.  A nurse will take your pet at the door and you will be telephoned once a full examination has been completed and a time given when you can collect your pet. Card payment again will be taken over the phone.
We have divided our staff into 2 teams consisting of just 1 vet and 1 vet nurse... So please be patient with us. 
Hopefully this cuts down on our risks and also should someone contract coronavirus, the other team can keep the practice open for emergencies.
We would ask that for all NON URGENT matters or for repeat medications, these are emailed to us as we have people working remotely at home. 
Please email

Please see the link below for FAQ regarding COVID 19 and your pets.